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The Journal is listed in the Core Periodical Journal of China Science and Technology, RCCSE China Core Academic Periodical Journal, and was listed in Peking University’s Core Chinese Periodical Journal 5th Version in 2008. The impact factor is 0.853 in 2014. It mainly focuses on New Energy Resoures, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, innovative achievements in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Mechanics, Electronics and Communications, Materials Engineering, Food and Biological Science, Textile Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, Civil Construction Engineering, Transportation and Logistics, etc., including some columns with characteristics, such as: National Young Scholar/Local Science Foundation, New Energy Resoures, Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection, and Data Analysis and Calculation. Short-listed contribution will be anonymously reviewed by at least 2 experts in relevant fields.
1  Requirement: Word format version, writing in the following sequence:
1) Title (no more than 20 words)
2) Author(s)’ name
3) Author(s)’ affiliation, zip code, City, Province.
4) Abstract
5) Keywords (5-8 words)
6) Chinese Library Classification Number, Document Code
7) English title, author(s)’ name, author(s)’ affiliation, abstract and keywords
8) Main body of paper
9) Reference
10) Foundation or project’s name and serial number.
11) Introduction of the first author, including name, date of birth, gender, nationality, place of birth, academic position, education background, research interest, and corresponding address, telephone and e-mail etc.

2 Abstract

 Briefly describe the purpose of the research, methodology and achievement, about 300 words, separate chapter in secondary literature, written in the third person, do not use “the authors, or this article” as subject, mainly in narrative way (do not use charts, references, formula or chemistry formula), give note to first appeared abbreviation if it’s not well-known. The detail is shown in our website.

3 Keywords
5-8 words, easy for readers to find through search engine, the first keyword should belongs to Third Subjects Names (available at The First Keyword Search on the journal website)

4 Graph and Table
Keep concise and proper size, including titles in Chinese and English. Using smooth curve and making main and subsidiary line clear, using three line tables as possible.

5 Quantity and Unit. Use Arabic numbers to express age, year, month and day. Use legal units of measurement and symbols of PRC. Foreign letters must distinguish italics, capitalization, black and white body; upper and lower level angle of target position. Easy-confused letters should be indicated by language. Quantity symbols, letters represents variability numbers should be in italics, while unit symbols in positive body.

6 Reference
Unpublished references should not be cited. There should be recent years’ literatures included. Chinese reference must have corresponding English one. Bibliographic references format could be referred on the journal website, as following:
a. Monograph [M], Dissertation [D], Report [R]
[No.] author(s). title [type]. place of publishing: publisher, date. Page range.
b. Journal [J]
[No.] author(s). title [J]. journal name, year, volume(issue): page range.
c. Contribution of Collection [A]
[No.] Contribution’s author(s). Contribution’s title [A]. Collection’s author(s). Collection’s title [C]. Place of publishing: publisher, year: page range.
d. Newspaper [N]
[No.] author. title [N]. newspaper’s name, date (edition).

e. Standard [S]
[No.] standard number, title [S].
f. Patent [P]
[No.] patent holder(s). title [P]. country: patent number, date.
g. Electronic or on-line materials [EB/OL]
[No.] author(s). title [type]. electronic materials source or link (literature/ identification type), publishing date or citation date/reference date (optional)
note: 1) Using surname in front of given name for foreigners, capital letter for the surname and capital initial of given name.
2) If the author is not more than 3 people, list them all, otherwise list the first three authors and add “et al”.

7. Agreement between author(s) and the Editorial Department of Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology

1) The author(s) guarantee no duplicate submission of the paper and self-responsibility, and the paper does not contain any confidential information, and has no plagiarism or illegal copy.
2) The submission result will be given within 20 working days whether it is accepted or not. The paper draft will not return to the author, please keep the backup draft.
3) The author(s) agree the paper could be included in China Academic Journal (CD) and other retrieval system both at home and abroad, otherwise please provide a written statement if the author(s) don’t agree.
4) The Editorial Department has the right to properly modify the paper draft.
5) After acceptance, the author(s) should sign the Copyright Transfer Confirmation with the Editorial Department of Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology.
6) After publishing, the Editorial Department will pay the author(s) (no more than 6000 words will be counted according to the relevant regulation) and mail two copies to the author.

Tel: 86 311 81668291/8291/8292
E-mail: (for contact, not for contribution reception)
Contribution system:

Editorial Department of                      
 Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology



Published date:2013-07-29Click:

Editor in chief:朱立光


International standard number:ISSN 1008-1542

Unified domestic issue:CN 13-1225/TS

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