A robust GNSS interference suppression algorithm in high dynamic environment

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    In order to solve the problem that the interference signal changes rapidly in the high dynamic environment and moves out of the null of the beam,resulting in the reduced performance of the anti-interference jamming algorithm,a robust beam forming algorithm based on null broadening and deepening was proposed.First set multiple virtual interference in the interference interval instead of a single interference,and then modified the covariance matrix by the covariance matrix forward and backward spatial smoothing technique.Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm can not only effectively widen and deepen the null in the direction of interference signal,which makes the array has a better output signal-to-noise ratio,but also maintain strong robustness when the interference changes rapidly.In the high dynamic environment,has a high array output when interference moves rapidly,the proposed algorithm has better performance and good robustness than other algorithms.It can provide a theoretical reference for strong interference suppression in the high dynamic environment.

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ZHANG Xiuqing, FAN Yunting, WANG Xiaojun. A robust GNSS interference suppression algorithm in high dynamic environment[J]. Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology,2022,43(3):285-292

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