Development of Continuous Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Three-dimensional Printing Nozzle

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    The nozzle is a key component during the three-dimensional print process of continuous carbon fiber reinforced composite, and its Rationality structural design and precise control will also directly affect the continuity and stability of the three-dimensional printing process. Based on the characteristics that the nozzle will be lifting and jumping frequently during the forming process, a new three-dimensional print nozzle was developed which could realize controlled import, high efficiency melting and extrusion, and real-time clipping of the composite wire, and the structure and function of each component of the nozzle were analyzed in this paper. Based on the structural design of the nozzle, the control system for the nozzle clipping device was also designed. Finally, the melting extrusion and clipping test of pre-impregnated continuous carbon fiber reinforced composite wire were performed by using the developed three-dimensional print nozzle. As a result, the blade showed effective clipping for the composite wire at the end of the nozzle, and the clipping fracture was smooth, thus verified the reliability and practicality of the new developed three-dimensional printing nozzle.

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