Mathematical models for multi-AGV scheduling problem with charging requirements and time windows

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    Logistics sorting center is the important hub for express delivery, and its sorting efficiency is closely related to the delivery time of express delivery to a certain extent. In order to improve the scheduling efficiency of Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) in the logistics sorting centers, the characteristics of pure electric driven AGV should be considered, including the electricity consumption and charging demand in the process of transportation. Therefore the effect of AGV's charging task and the departure time of the package out of warehouse on the actual operation should be analyzed. In order to minimize the sorting cycle time, a mixed integer programming (MIP) model was established with the consideration of AGV remaining power and package time window. Then, a constraint programming (CP) model is proposed, in which interval variables are used to represent the performance of tasks and cumulative functions are used to record the changes of electric quantity. The solution efficiency of the constraint programming model is verified by different instances, and the effect of charging rate on the objective function is considered. The constraints of the problem are extended to solve the related problems.

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