Preparation of Albendazole Tablets

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    OJECTIVE To explore the prescription and preparation process of albendazole tablets with high drug content. METHODS (1)The effect of adding surfactants or preparing inclusion compounds on dissolution was investigated to increase the solubility of albendazole. (2)Adhesives, disintegrants, and solubilizers were screened by single factor experiment with compressibility,hardness, disintegrating time,and dissolution as indicators to optimize the formulation and preparation process of albendazole tablets.(3) Three batches of albendazole tablets prepared by the optimal prescription and process were examined by the statutory standard. The content and dissolution of albendazole were measured using UV-spectrophotometry.RESULTS (1)Surfactants can be added to assist dissolution of albendazole.(2)The albendazole tablets were prepared with wet granulation. The optimal prescription:Albendazole was 8.3%,PVPP was 16%(with an internal and external ratio of 1:1), SDS was 3%, Tween80 was 2%,HPMC was 3.2%.(3)Three batches of tablets all met the quality requirements. The accumulated dissolution of albendazole tablets within45 minutes was more than 65%.CONCLUSION The prescription and the preparation process of albendazole tablets prepared are stable and reliable.The quality is good in vitro and meets the experimental expectation.

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