Progress in synthesis technology of cyanuric acid

College of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Hebei University of Science and Technology

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    Cyanuric acid, which as an important chemical intermediate, can be used as raw material to synthesize a wide range of cyanuric acid derivatives. At present, there is a great demand for cyanuric acid in the market, and there is still room for further expansion. According to the different reaction media, the synthesis method of cyanuric acid can be divided into two major processes: solid phase and liquid phase. The solid-phase method has been maturely used in industry, and has the characteristics of simple operation and good economy. However, its poor operating conditions and high energy consumption limit its development, especially the problem of substandard environmental protection. Although the liquid-phase method has not yet been applied in industry, its characteristics of continuous production and simple follow-up process are in line with the current development goals of cleaner production processes. Through a review of various methods derived from the solid phase method and the liquid phase method, their advantages and disadvantages are compared, and the industrial development prospects of the liquid phase method and some other cyanuric acid synthesis methods are prospected, and they are expected to be realized. The goal of green cleaning process.

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