Numerical simulation and experimental study on springback deformation of duplex stainless steel heat exchanger sheet

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    Abstract:The significant springback deformation of metal sheet makes the development of plate and frame heat exchanger extremely difficult for duplex stainless steel. In this work, a coupled explicit to implicit finite element methods is adopted for predicting springback deformation in forming processes of metal sheet for high strength duplex stainless steel FDX27 sheet. The explicit method is initially utilized to analyze the contact-based forming operation of a production stamping process. Then, an implicit method is performed to simulate the springback deformation when the forming die is removed. By using numerical simulation method, effects of different mold radius and friction coefficients on springback deformation of FDX27 sheet were analyzed. Meanwhile, effect of material strength property on springback deformation was studied by choosing three different sheets. Different product experiments are performed to verify the accuracy of springback simulation results. And the experimental results are in good agreement with the simulation results, which shows that the springback numerical analysis method is reliable.

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