Research progress on force measurement technology of bionic prototype

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    Depending on the body structure and movement characteristics obtained by the natural evolution, many animals have become excellent bionic prototypes, which provide effective solutions for the complex problems in the engineering field. Based on the demand for quantitative characterization of the functional characteristics of bionic prototypes, the force measurement technology of biomimetic prototype has been studied extensively, in order to reveal the mechanical principle and movement mechanism of these bionic prototypes. In this review, starting from the excellent functional characteristics of bionic prototypes, we summarized the force measurement technology used in bionic prototypes. Especially, we focused on the latest research progress of the force measurement technology, including the technology with sensor as the core component, the technology based on centrifugal principle, and the technology depended on image processing. This review can deepen the understanding of researchers to the force measurement technology, and provide technical support for the research of engineering bionics. Finally, we pointed out that the force measurement technology should be conducted in the aspect of contact-reaction force with micro-Newton accuracy, which produced by the flying insects during their take-off/landing without interference.

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