Research progresses of bionic painless injection needle

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National Natural Science Foundation of China; Youth Top-notch Talent Subsidy Project of Hebei University; Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province

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    Medical needle injection is a commonly used treatment method in modern medical treatment. However, the pain caused by skin irritation in the injection process brings out a great trouble to patients. Scholars have conducted a large number of studies to reduce the pain caused by needle injection. Insects, including mosquitoes and gadflies, are difficult to be detected when penetrating human skin, which have been regarded as a bionic prototype to the biomimetic development of painless injection needle. Starting from the generation mechanism of pain sensation, we summarized the function mechanism of bionic painless injection needle, and the pain detection methods. The bionic prototype and bionic mechanism of painless injection needle were introduced, and the research progress of painless injection technology was focused. Besides, the problems existed in the current researches, as well as the application prospect of the bionic mechanism of painless injection needle in low resistance suture needle, were analyzed. This review can deepen the understanding of the biomimetic painless injection needle and provide a referential idea for the research of low-resistance suture needle.

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