B1C navigation signal acquisition algorithm based on PCO + FFT

1.Hebei University of science and technology;2.Shijiazhuang Institute of Posts and Telecommunications

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    The acquisition method of navigation signal based on piecewise correlation code (PCO) phase search and fast Fourier transform (FFT) Doppler frequency measurement has been proved to be an effective method, which can be applied to the acquisition of BOC signals. Firstly, a specific acquisition scheme of PCO + FFT Doppler frequency measurement is proposed after deeply analyzing the characteristics of B1C signal. Secondly, the algorithm is deeply deduced from aspects of coherent integral gain, uncorrelated integral gain, Doppler frequency measurement range and resolution, detection probability, acquisition time and so on. Then, the FPGA implementation scheme of this algorithm is provided, especially the implementation of center control based on state machine. Finally, the simulation performance of this algorithm is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the algorithm. The correctness of the implementation scheme is verified by the actual measurement on the FPGA hardware platform.

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