Design and Control of Special Carrier Platform Self-Balancing Cockpit

1.Nanjing University of Science and Technology,Nanjing;2.North China University of Technology School

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Study on the pressure-shear coupling dynamic constitutive relationship and anti-explosion mechanism of aluminum foam,

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    A self-balancing cockpit system based on the principle of dual-axis gyro is proposed to solve the problem of improving maneuverability of special carrier platform under large roll and pitch motions. The structural modeling of the self-balancing cockpit system is completed by Creo, and the movement model is built in Adams/View in combination with the road model and the driving system of the vehicle. The three-dimensional model of the cockpit is decomposed and mapped into two planes that embody the dynamics of roll and pitch, and the dynamic mathematical model is formed respectively. A self-balancing control strategy for real-time correction of the cockpit attitude is designed. Considering the influence of different types of roads on the attitude of the cockpit, a control threshold module based on the load transfer rate is designed to clarify the working range of the self-balancing control algorithm. The Simulink-Adams self-balancing control joint simulation model was built in the Matlab/Simulink environment, and the virtual tests under various working conditions were performed to verify the effectiveness of the control system. The results show that the self-balancing control system can effectively correct the roll angle and pitch angle of the cockpit in real time, and reduce the impact of the vehicle roll and pitch motion on the driver. This paper innovatively uses the self-balancing cockpit system to break through the performance limitations of the suspension system, and more fully improves the adaptability of the off-road special carrier platform to harsh off-road roads.

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