Research progress of water strider in bionic characteristic and engineering application

School of Mechanical Engineering,Hebei University of Science and Technology,Shijiazhuang

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    The water strider is a small insect in lakes, ponds, and wetlands, it relies on the excellent superhydrophobic property of legs that results from the composite micro-nano structure to stand stably on water. Characteristics of the water strider leg have attracted numerous studies and become hot topic. Scholar has conducted the investigation on the locomotion characteristic of water strider, in order to acquire design inspirations to develop superhydrophobic surface and bionic water surface robot. Starting from the locomotion characteristic of water strider, we introduced the testing method of water strider’s locomotion force. Especially, we focused on the development progress of superhydrophobic surface preparation and development of water walking/jumping robot, which belongs to engineering bionic field. The preparation of superhydrophobic surface should need to lucubrate these aspects of micro-morphological characteristic, preparation process and production cost, the development of bionic surface robot needs to consider the motion, driving mode and supporting characteristic. Based on the micro-morphological structure characteristic of water strider leg, superhydrophobic surface with remarkable and lasting efficacy and bionic water strider robot with excellent performance, complete function and highly similar motion characteristic were developed, that will be the main development trend in the future.

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