Research on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Performance in Corrugated Tube Based on Fluent

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    In this paper, CFD software Fluent was used to simulate the fluid flow and heat transfer performance in the corrugated tube. The heat transfer performances of the corrugated tube under the conditions of different inlet velocity v(0.3m/s, 0.5m/s, 0.7m/s, 0.9m/s), peak diameter D1 (28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm), and arc length S1 (34mm, 23mm, 17mm, 13mm, 10mm) were studied respectively. The results show that the Nusselt number ,the pressure drop and comprehensive performance of different types of corrugated tube increases with the increase of inlet velocity, and increases firstly and then decreases with the increase of peak diameter D1 (arc section length S1), and finally remains as a relatively stable value. The heat transfer performance of corrugated tube is the best at the peak diameter D1of 34mm, and the Nusselt number is the largest at the length of arc section S1of 23mm, and the comprehensive performance is best. Through the parameter orthogonal analysis, it can be concluded that the inlet velocity v has the greatest influence on the wall heat transfer effect of the corrugated tube in the research scope of this paper.

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