Design of bionic prototype milli-micro Newton level two-dimensional force test system

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    In mechanical bionics field, it is necessary to measure the bionic prototypes generated milli-micro force. To satisfy the test requirement, we designed a milli-micro Newton two-dimensional force measuring system. Hardware of the system mainly includes self-developed parallel double spring cantilevers and its matched eddy current displacement sensors, milli-micro force measurement platforms which can realize the easy installation of samples, transducer output signal conditioning module and data sampling card, data processing and displaying program designed based on LabVIEW. To test the designed milli-micro Newton two-dimensional force test system, we measured the bionic prototypes provided friction force, normal force piercing resistance force. The results confirmed that the system can obtain these force values with milli-micro magnitude accurately, and display these force values in interface window in real time and intuitively, as well as realize the storage of these force values in the form of force trajectory diagram and data group effectively. Accuracy and range of this milli-micro Newton two-dimensional force measuring system is respectively up to 50μN and 800mN. Our designed system can accurately measure the milli-micro Newton two-dimensional force produced by bionic prototypes, and provide a technique & method of force measurement used in mechanical bionics.

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