Research progress and development prospect of superhydrophobic bionic prototype preparation technology

School of Mechanical Engineering,Hebei University of Science and Technology,Shijiazhuang

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    Superhydrophobic surface can make the water droplet show a static contact angle larger than 150° and a sliding angle smaller than 10°. Based on bionic engineering principle, scholars have comprehensively researched the typical superhydrophobic bionic prototypes, and successfully prepared surfaces with excellent superhydrophobic function, which are widely used in many engineering fields, such as self-cleaning, anti-corrosion, hydrophobic ice suppression and ship drag reduction. In this review, based on the surface micromorphology and mechanism of several typical superhydrophobic prototypes of animals and plants in nature, the relationship between structural characteristics and superhydrophobic wettability properties is reviewed, and basic characterization models of surface wetting behaviors and mathematical models of superhydrophobic wetting properties are introduced. Especially, we focus on the recent progress in bionic superhydrophobic surface preparation technology, mainly including the traditional preparation methods of superhydrophobic surface, the 3D printing technology of superhydrophobic surface preparation, and the wettability characterization methods of fabricated superhydrophobic surface. Meanwhile, several aspects that should be paid attention to in near future are highlighted. This review enriches the further understanding of superhydrophobic wettability, and promotes the development of new ideas, new methods and new technologies in superhydrophobic surface preparation.

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