An overview of braking intention recognition for longitudinal dynamic control of vehicles

School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering,Qingdao University of Technology

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Investigation on the flow and heat transfer mechanism of magnetic nanoparticles in the near heat transfer surface under magnetic excitation

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    As a prerequisite for the control of the brake by wire system, the identification of braking intention has a direct impact on the accuracy of the vehicle control system,and then it affects the vehicle runing safety under specific working conditions,thus in order to improve the active safety and braking performance of the vehicle, aiming at the longitudinal stability control problem in vehicle dynamics, the braking intention is taken as the breakthrough point,and the classification of braking intentions is introduced in this paper. At the same time, the vehicle dynamics control of braking intention recognition based on the research status at home and abroad is outlined. Besides, combining with the braking intention recognition feature selection problem, this paper focused on the comparative analysis of several typical braking intention recognition method including fuzzy inference system、neural network 、adaptive neural fuzzy inference system、hidden markov modle、cluster analysis. Considering the status quo of research, the research emphasis and direction of braking intention recognition for vehicle dynamics control is pointed out.

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