Open Access Publishing Statement
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Open Access Publishing Statement
Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology
In order to promote academic exchanges, rapid dissemination and sharing of research results, Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology conducts immediately full text open access publishing of its published papers since September 2013, and recalls back its published literatures since 2005 for open access publishing.
1. PDF version of published papers is to open access through the Journal’s website, while there would be no fees for open access processing temporarily.
2. The published paper version in our Journal is encouraged and supported to be stored in the author’s institution database or in the author’s personal website to open access. And it is suggested that the stored version be the final version published in the Journal.
3. We adopts CC BY License. Papers published in the Journal to open access are free to be downloaded, read, disseminated, and preserved for education and scientific research purposes. The author’s and the author’s institute copyrights are properly protected. Those who use the published paper should make accurate notes concerning the author and the paper’s publishing information. Only after the author’s agreement, the third party could make use of the paper for commercial purposes or for creating derivatives.
4. Any signed agreements between the Journal and database providers or other third parties encourage and support the author and the author’s institute to store paper data. The rights permitted to the author by the Journal could not be affected by other contracts.
5. The Journal will further promote, deepen and expand open access publication, and actively explore the research results’ diversified demonstration, access and utilization.
6. The Journal would like to communicate and cooperate with partners to constantly improve the open access publishing policies and measures, strengthen sharing and cooperation in the fields of periodical resource construction, operation mode, instrument platform, and author training, etc., jointly safeguard all parties’ interests of open access, and promote academic influence of research achievement.
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Editor in chief:孙鹤旭


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