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ZHAO Qian,ZHANG Kai,ZHANG Ronghua,CAO Dianguo,ZHAO Lina,YIN Wuliang.Research on conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced plastic[J].Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology,2018,39(6):502-510
Research on conductivity of carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Received:June 08, 2018  Revised:October 28, 2018
中文关键词:  无机非金属基复合材料  碳纤维增强塑料  电导率  各向异性  不均匀性
英文关键词:inorganic nonmetallic composites  carbon fiber reinforced plastic  electrical conductivity  anisotropy  inhomogeneity
基金项目:国家自然科学基金(61601260,61601324); 山东省重点研发计划项目(2017GSF18116); 曲阜师范大学科技计划项目(xkj201502); 曲阜师范大学国家级大学生创新创业训练计划(201710); 山东省研究生教育创新计划一般项目(SDYY16097)
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
ZHAO Qian College of Engineering Qufu Normal University Rizhao shmilyshenzhen@163.com 
ZHANG Kai College of Engineering Qufu Normal University Rizhao  
ZHANG Ronghua School of Electrical Engineering and Automation Tianjin Polytechnic University  
CAO Dianguo College of Engineering Qufu Normal University Rizhao  
ZHAO Lina College of Engineering Qufu Normal University Rizhao  
YIN Wuliang School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering University of Manchester  
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      碳纤维增强塑料(carbon fiber reinforced plastic,CFRP)作为一种新型无机非金属基复合材料,具有优良的机械性能和力学性能,在工业和国防领域均得到广泛关注,特别是在汽车行业和大飞机生产过程。作为重要性能参数之一,电导率的研究对于CFRP的无损探伤、预防雷击、电磁屏蔽等具有重要意义。在深入分析CFRP的导电原理的基础上,综合考虑其不均匀性和各向异性,分别从实验方法、解析方法和数值仿真等方面对目前流行的CFRP电导率检测技术进行总结和对比,提出了更简单实时的实验方案,更精确有效的仿真模型和解析是下一步CFRP电导率研究的方向和目标。
      Carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) is an advanced inorganic nonmetallic composite material with excellent mechanical properties. It has attracted extensive attention in industrial process and national defense applications, especially in car production and large aircraft manufacturing industry. As one of the most important parameters, electrical conductivity plays a key role for the overall performance of CFRP in researching non-destructive testing, anti-thunder and electromagnetic shielding. The conductive mechanism of CFRP is discussed in depth at first. Then considering the inhomogeneity and anisotropy, the popular CFRP electrical conductivity detection technology is summarized and compared from perspectives of experiment, analytical solution and numerical method. Finally, directions and methods concerning future research on CFRP conductive characteristics are proposed, including more simple and real-time experiment scheme, more precise and effective simulation model and analytical solution.
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