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XIAO Yaqian,XIN Binjie,CHEN Zhuoming,LIN Lantian.Review on the development of unidirectional water-transport fibers and fabrics[J].Journal of Hebei University of Science and Technology,2017,38(4):395-402
Review on the development of unidirectional water-transport fibers and fabrics
Received:May 03, 2017  Revised:June 06, 2017
中文关键词:  纺织材料  单向导湿  吸湿快干  润湿梯度  毛细效应  功能整理
英文关键词:textile materials  unidirectional water-transport  moisture absorbent and quick-drying  wettability gradient  capillary effect  functional finishing
Author NameAffiliationE-mail
XIAO Yaqian Fashion College Shanghai University of Engineering Science  
XIN Binjie Fashion College Shanghai University of Engineering Science  
CHEN Zhuoming Fashion College Shanghai University of Engineering Science chenzhuoming178041@163.com 
LIN Lantian Fashion College Shanghai University of Engineering Science  
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      单向导湿织物是一种可实现液态水单向传导的功能性纤维集合体,用于具有人体热湿舒适性服装的设计与开发。从织物的单向导湿原理、单向导湿织物的纤维选择和制备方法3 个方面详细阐述了单向导湿织物的研究进展,总结了单向导湿织物的主要制备方法,包括结构设计、化学整理、等离子处理、静电纺丝技术和光催化处理,对这5种制备方法的优缺点进行了评述。根据传统单向导湿织物在研究中存在的问题,提出应结合后处理整理技术并加入具有特殊用途的涂层添加剂,开发出多功能的单向导湿织物,进一步拓宽其应用领域。
      Unidirectional water-transport fabric is a kind of functional fiber assembles used to realize unidirectional conduction of liquid water, and it could be used for the design and development of clothing with the function of thermal-wet comfort. The development of unidirectional water-transport fabrics from the mechanism of the unidirectional water-transport, selection of fiber and preparation method is summarized. Five key methods to achieve the unidirectional water-transport effect have been reviewed, including the designing of fabric structure, chemical finishing, plasma treatment, electro spinning and photocatalytic treatment. According to the current problems in the research on unidirectional water-transfer fabric, it is proposed that multi-functional unidirectional water-transfer fabrics should be developed by post-treatment finishing technology with adding special functional additives to expand the practical applications.
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