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Ranking of the papers with high impact

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Article NO.TitleAuthor NameVol. Issue NO.Number of DownloadCopy
b201501013 Permeability evolution model and numerical analysis of coupled coal deformation, failure and liquid nitrogen cooling ZHANG Chunhui,WANG Laigui,ZHAO Quansheng and LI Weilong 2015,36(1):90-99 9993
b201501001 Development and application of resilient wheels in urban rail transit vehicle WEN Juan,LI Fu,DING Junjun and LI Gang 2015,36(1):1-8 4147
20050415 利用MATLAB图像处理工具箱进行图形数字化的研究 ZHOU Guang-fen,LI Peng and YANG Jiu-yi 2005,26(4):309-311,321 3259
20080410 Embedded control system of rehabilitation manipulator for injured fingers ZHANG Fu-xiang and WANG Shu-guo 2008,29(4):299-304 3166
20050112 单目视图下相机标定和平面测距研究 LI Li-dong and LIU Jiao-min 2005,26(1):47-50 2915
20070301 Circular economic and development trend of chemical industry in China JIN Yong,WANG Yan,ZHOU Wei and HU Yong-qi 2007,28(3):169-173 2832
20120516 Numerical simulation on melting and solidification process of aluminum-silicon alloy CUI Hai-ting,ZHANG Gai and JIANG Jing-zhi 2012,33(5):453-458 2686
B201304016 Evolution and consensus exploration of insects' chitinase by comparative genomics HUANG Haiyun,ZHANG Yi and WAN Zhangyong 2013,34(4):350-354 2557
b201404003 Simulation and experiments research of acoustic field distribution in high frequency ultrasonic cleaning XIE Aiyun,HUANG Yating,FENG Tao and DONG Xiuping 2014,35(4):324-329 2353
20110613 Application of formal methods to software engineering MIAO De-cheng and FENG Li-bo 2011,32(6):575-579,597 2259
b201604014 Data driven information system for supervision of judicial open LI Ming and LIU Bin 2016,37(4):407-415 2185
b201501008 Study on solitary word based on HMM modeland Baum-Welch algorithm CHEN Junxia and LIU Ziyu 2015,36(1):52-57 1981
20120502 Generalized Lander-Waterman theorem under repeat collapse in genome assembly HUANG Hai-yun and ZHANG Yi 2012,33(5):384-385,463 1978
20120514 Implementation of Booth algorithm in the 8-bit microprogram controlled model computer WANG Xiao-dong,FU Kun,GENG Heng-shan,MI Hai-xiao and SUN Xiao-li 2012,33(5):443-447 1973
B201304019 Effect of environmental control on corporate environmental performance YANG Hongxia and LI Yuping 2013,34(4):370-376 1898
b201401013 Development status and prospect of solar photovoltaic power generation in China HU Yunyan,ZHANG Ruiying and WANG Jun 2014,35(1):69-72 1813
20120508 Synthesis and crystal structure of a novel 2D supramolecular complex [Cu2(phon)22-Cl)2Cl2]· DMF via hydrogen bonding and π-π stacking interactions ZHAO Hai-yan and YANG Fu-li 2012,33(5):411-415 1760
20060314 Dynamics equations analysis of the vibration-cone-crusher ZHAO Yue-jing,PENG Wei,HOU Shu-jun,QIN Zhi-ying and WANG Hui 2006,27(3):230-233 1726
b201503003 Temperature-controlling system for high power LEDs based on semiconductor coolers LI Changguang, LI Yujie, WANG Ziyu, WANG Zhe, CHANG Jin and HUO Yao 2015,36(3):240-246 1720
b201505014 Similar words analysis based on POS-CBOW language model RUAN Dongru, PAN Hongyan and GAO Kai 2015,36(5):532-538 1711