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    • >约稿:国家青年/地区科学基金
    • Optimized mathematical models for multi-AGV scheduling problem with charging requirements and time windows

      2021, 42(2):91-100. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02001

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      Abstract:In order to improve the sorting efficiency of automatic guided vehicle (AGV) in the logistics sorting center, an optimized model was proposed considering the characteristics of power consumption and charging demand in the sorting process of electric-driven AGVs. On the basis of considering of the AGVs’ remaining power and package delivery time window, a mixed integer programming (MIP) model with the minimization of the sorting operation cycle and a corresponding constrained programming (CP) model were formulated. In CP model, the interval variables were used to describe the performance of tasks and the change of electric quantity was recorded by using cumulative function. The computational results show that the CP model has better performance compared with the MIP model.Adopting mixed integer programming and constrained programming to formulate the AGV scheduling model can effectively improve the sorting efficiency, reduce the operating cost of enterprises, and provide an alternative solution for the AGV scheduling problem with more constraints.

    • Research progress of bionic painless injection needle

      2021, 42(2):101-110. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02002

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      Abstract:Medical needle injection is a commonly used treatment method in modern medical treatment. However, the pain caused by skin irritation in the injection process brings out severe discomfort. In this regard, scholars at home and abroad have conducted extensive studies to reduce the pain caused by needle injection. Insects, including mosquitoes, cicadas and bees, have the function of easily piercing the skin of animals and plants, which have been regarded as bionic prototypes for development of painless injection needles. Starting from the mechanism of pain generation when the injection needle pierces the skin, the measurement methods of pain perception and the bionic mechanism of bionic prototype were summarized; the bionic mechanism of low resistance suture needle was mainly analyzed, and research status of the microneedle array material selection and preparation was introduced; the application prospect of painless injection needle in low resistance suture needle was analyzed. Meanwhile, it was pointed out that the future research should focus on the application of high-precision 3D printing technology and laser micro processing technology in the preparation of bionic painless injection needles, so as to obtain the preparation technology with precise processing accuracy.

    • >Mechanical, Electronics and Information Science
    • Research on adaptive clutter suppression for ground penetrating radar based on wavelet transform and K-SVD

      2021, 42(2):111-118. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02003

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      Abstract:Aiming at the large amount of clutter and noise interference(mainly direct waves on the surface) in the original image of ground penetrating radar,an adaptive bilateral filtering method based on wavelet transform and K-Means singular value decomposition was proposed in order to effectively extract the target signal.The original radar data was decomposed by wavelet,and then the decomposed data was sparsely coded by K-SVD transform and updated atoms.The updated sparse coefficients and dictionary were used to reconstruct small blocks,and the small blocks were subjected to inverse wavelet transform to reconstruct the image.The reconstructed image was processed by adaptive bilateral filtering to obtain the processed image,so as to realize the complementary advantages of wavelet transform,K-SVD algorithm and adaptive bilateral filtering method.Compared with other methods,the experimental results show that the proposed method has a good clutter suppression effect and better performance in peak signal-to-noise ratio and target image entropy.The research results have certain application value in the actual radar survey tasks.

    • A facial expression recognition method based on face texture feature fusion

      2021, 42(2):119-126. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02004

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      Abstract:Aiming at facial expression recognition, the recognition rate is not high due to noise and occlusion. A hybrid approach of facial expression has been presented by combining local and global features. First, feature extraction is performed to fuse the histogram of oriented gradients (HOG) descriptor with the compounded local ternary pattern (C-LTP) descriptor. Second, features extracted by HOG and C-LTP are fused into a single feature vector. Third, the feature vector is sent to a multi-class support vector machine classifier for facial classification. Finally, the proposed method is compared with the existing facial expression recognition methods in three public facial expression image databases, and the results show that the recognition rates of the proposed method in MMI, JAFFE and CK[KG-*2]+ databases are 98.28%, 95.75% and 99.64%, respectively. The average recognition rate is 10% higher than other methods, which is better than other existing methods. The results of this study provide a reference for the research of facial expression recognition in many situations. The method of facial expression recognition proposed can effectively promote the development of human-computer interaction system and the study of computer image understanding. It is of great significance to realize the fusion of human language and natural language, as well as the establishment and implementation of the connection model between language and expression.

    • >校内投稿:数学
    • Dynamic model analysis of Norovirus transmissionwith nonlinear incidence

      2021, 42(2):127-134. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02005

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      Abstract:In order to reduce the great harm of infectious diarrhoeal disease caused by Norovirus infection to human health,based on the transmission characteristics of Norovirus,the transmission dynamics behavior of Norovirus was studied.Taking into account the characteristics that the latent infected with Norovirus can also transmit the disease,a dynamic model of Norovirus transmission with nonlinear incidence was established.The basic reproduction number R0of the model was calculated and then the stability of the disease-free equilibrium point and the endemic equilibrium point were proved by using the Lyapunov function and the geometric method.The results show that when R0≤1,the disease-free equilibrium point is globally asymptotically stable and the disease disappears; when R0>1,under certain conditions,the endemic equilibrium point is global asymptotically stable.The theoretical results are verified by numerical simulation.The research results have enriched the theory of infectious virus transmission and provide a reference for the study of virus transmission mechanism.

    • Analysis of spatio-temporal transmission characteristicsfor H7N9 infection in China

      2021, 42(2):135-143. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02006

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      Abstract:To reveal the temporal and spatial development and evolution of human H7N9 infection in China, based on the statistical data of human H7N9 infection from 2013 to 2017, time series and standard deviation ellipse analysis were performed. Firstly, the epidemic time series was analyzed with month as time unit, and the peak and trough periods of the epidemic were identified. On this basis, the whole epidemic period was divided into stages, and the epidemic change law of each stage was analyzed. Then the standard deviation ellipse is established according to the location of the epidemic cases, and the spread of the epidemic situation is described by the changes of the ellipse center, azimuth and area in each stage. Finally, through the time and space analysis of the three typical areas, the spread law of the epidemic was further verified. The results show that, the high incidence period is from December to May every year, especially in January and February. The proportion of cases in these two months is as high as 51.74%. September of every year is the low point of epidemic situation, which is the dividing point of epidemic spreading stage. During the whole epidemic period, the number of cases increased, decreased, broke out and returned to zero. Spatially, the center of the standard deviation ellipse shifts from Huzhou City to Fuzhou City and Quzhou City, and the coverage area of the ellipse also expands from coastal areas to inland areas. It shows that the early control measures are not effective enough, and the effect of prevention and control is not obvious, which makes the epidemic spread. In the later period, the strict measures had a good effect, and the epidemic situation was effectively controlled. Study the spatio-temporal transmission mechanism of human infection with H7N9, can provide a theoretical and practical reference for the prediction and Prevention of infectious diseases in China.

    • >Transportation & Logistics
    • Back-stepping control based on extended state observer for magnetic levitation ball

      2021, 42(2):144-151. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02007

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      Abstract:Aiming at the characteristics of non-linearity,uncertainty and susceptibility to disturbance of single-degree-of-freedom magnetic levitation ball system,a back-stepping control method based on extended state observer (ESO-BS) was proposed to improve the control performance of the system.The extended state observer was used to estimate the position,velocity and disturbance information of the levitation ball in real time when the system was disturbed by uncertainty.The estimation was combined with the controller design,then the back-stepping method was used to design the levitation position tracking control law of the magnetic levitation ball,and the Lyapunov method was used to prove the ultimate bounded convergence of the tracking error of the system.The simulation results show that,compared with PID control,the adjusting time of ESO-BS control system is 0.01 s,while that of PID control is 0.08 s,which is obviously longer,so the dynamic characteristic of ESO-BS control is better than that of PID control.When there is uncertainty in the system,the designed control law can realize the stable suspension of the ball,and can realize the position tracking according to the required suspension height position.

    • >Chemistry and Chemical Industry
    • Study of the preparation of Cu2O/CPAN/SiO2 composite material and its photocatalytic reduction performance

      2021, 42(2):152-161. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02008

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      Abstract:With porous SiO2 withhigh specific surface area as the carrier,Cu2O and CPAN with matching valence band as the catalysts,Cu2O/CPAN/SiO2 (cuprous oxide/cyclized polyacrylonitrile/silicon dioxide) composite photocatalyst was prepared by solution impregnation and in situ thermal decompositionin order to improve the specific surface area and electron-hole separation efficiency of the material.The morphology,composition and structure of the composite were characterized by TEM,SEM,XRD,FTIR,BET and EDS,and the photoelectric properties of the composite particles were analyzed by UV-VIS,DRS,PL,EIS and photocurrent methods.The visible light photocatalytic properties of Cu2O/CPAN/SiO2 composite particles were investigated in the model of the [WTBX]p[WTBZ]-nitrophenol reduction.The results show that porous SiO2 carrier greatly increased the specific surface area of Cu2O/CPAN.The Cu2O in octahedral crystal and the heterojunctions of CPAN are evenly distributed on the surface of SiO2 and significantly improve the absorption of visible light and the separation efficiency of photogenerated electron-hole pairs.When the content of Cu2O is 2%,the heat treatment temperature is 260 ℃,and the heat treatment time is 3 h,the prepared Cu2O/CPAN/SiO2composite particles exhibit the best photocatalytic activity.The results provide a method basis for preparing a high-efficiency composite catalyst.

    • >Material Science
    • Simulation and experimental study on springback deformation of duplex stainless steel heat exchanger sheet

      2021, 42(2):162-169. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02009

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      Abstract:The significant springback deformation of metal sheet makes the development of plate and frame heat exchanger extremely difficult for duplex stainless steel.In this paper,a coupled explicit to implicit finite element methods was adopted to predict springback deformation in forming processes of metal sheet for high strength duplex stainless steel FDX27 sheet.Firstly,the explicit method was utilized to analyze the contact-based forming operation of a production stamping process.Then,an implicit method was performed to simulate the springback deformation after the forming die was removed.By using numerical simulation method,the effects of different mold radius and friction coefficients on springback deformation of FDX27 sheet were analyzed.Meanwhile,the effect of material strength property on springback deformation was studied by choosing three different sheets.Finally,different product experiments were performed to verify the accuracy of springback simulation results.The results show that the die fillet radius is not sensitive to the springback deformation height,but affects the friction coefficients remarkably.The material strength properties and hardening index N have a significant effect on the springback demormation height.The experimental results are in good agreement with the simulation results,which shows that the springback numerical analysis method is reliable and the present work provide an instruction when new material was applied on heat exchanger R&D field.

    • >约稿:数据分析与计算专栏
    • Study on information personalized recommendation based on system dynamics

      2021, 42(2):171-179. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02010

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      Abstract:With the popularity of mobile intelligent terminals such as mobile phones in the whole society,the production capacity of digital content has sunk to all levels of the society,forming a multi-source,independent and native Internet media content manufacturing pattern.With the vigorous development of various emerging media represented by social media and we media,the propagation ability of digital content has been greatly enhanced,especially in the reporting of sensitive,hot and important events in the process of propagation,which will produce a lot of derivative content.The improvement of the above two abilities causes the internet information to be characterized by mass,uneven content quality and multi-point of view.How to accurately recommend the news of correct value orientation and accurate information disclosure related to judicial work to maintain and promote social fairness and justice has become a new problem and challenge in the judicial field. 河北科技大学学报 2021年 第2期 王子岩,等:基于系统动力学的资讯个性化推荐研究 Recommender system effectively solved the problem that it was difficult for users to find the information they need efficiently in the mass of information.Content based recommendation technology analyzed the items that users are interested in before,got the similar items by calculation,and then pushed the items with the highest similarity to users.Collaborative filtering (CF) is the most widely used recommendation system,which was first proposed by Goldberg in 1992 when developing tapestry e-mail filtering system.Its core idea is to analyze the user′s historical behavior data through the algorithm,mine the user′s interest preferences,classify users according to different interest preferences,and recommend items with similar preferences.Collaborative filtering is the most widely used algorithm in recommendation system.It was first proposed by Goldberg in 1992 when developing tapestry e-mail filtering system.Its core idea was to analyze the user′s historical behavior data through the algorithm,mine the user′s interest preferences,classify users according to different interest preferences,and recommend items with similar preferences.At present,personalized recommendation has been widely used in e-commerce,film and television works,food and beverage,news and other fields.For example,the recommendation of Jingdong started in 2012,and the recommendation products were based on rule matching.The combination of the whole recommendation product lines was like a loose primitive tribe,and there was no intersection of engineering and algorithm between the tribes.Taobao launched the recommendation engine of "personalized recommendation",namely "thousands of people and thousands of faces" in 2013,which used some users′behaviors to speculate what users may like through algorithms.Meituan has built the world′s largest food knowledge base,created knowledge graphs for more than 2 million businesses and 300 million products,made user portraits for 250 million users,and built the world′s largest O2O intelligent recommendation platform for users. Douban used social behavior analysis to solve recommendation problems,such as collaborative filtering technology based on the sameusers′behavior ,and friends or neighbors recommendation,etc.,which is also a supplement of personalized recommendation.The introduction of social recommendation can solve the problem of narrow recommendation range caused by simple product content recommendation.The personalized recommendation algorithm of Toutiao was based on voting,and its core idea was to vote.Each user can cast his only vote to the article he likes.After statistics,the final result was likely to be the best article in this crowd,and the article would be recommended to the same group of users.This method seems to be very simple,but in fact,it needs massive user behavior data mining and analysis.System dynamics is an interdisciplinary subject based on system theory,cybernetics and information theory,and with the help of computer simulation technology.From the perspective of system,structured and dynamic analysis and model simulation are conducted,which is good at analyzing high-order,nonlinear and time-varying complex systems,and is suitable for analyzing the dynamic and complex process of personalized information recommendation by combining qualitative and quantitative analysis..Based on the theory of system dynamics,this paper modeled and simulated the important factors that affect the effect of information recommendation in Vensim software,and constructed the causal feedback model and stock flow model including the number of users,articles,tags and the influence among subsystems.The system dynamics equation model was established,and the sensitivity analysis of related factors was carried out.The results show that the number of articles,the characteristic tags and the interest factors of articles all have an important impact on the recommendation effect.They are the key factors to be considered in the design of the recommendation system,and are also the important ways to solve the key problems,such as the cold start,real-time and "information cocoon room" of the recommendation system.Research on information personalized recommendation based on system dynamics can actively and effectively meet the challenges of information disclosure in the judicial field and improve the accurate recommendation effect.

    • New boundary of digital twin:A multi-sensory oriented model construction method

      2021, 42(2):180-194. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02011

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      Abstract:As one of the important supporting technologies for the construction of CPS(cyber-physical space),the digital twin has been applied in many fields,such as aerospace,intelligent manufacturing,smart city,smart medical care,smart education,etc.However, some problems in the practice process has also appeared: the generalization of the concept of digital twin leads to the misunderstanding,which results in the inconsistency of production,teaching,research and application goals,and the practice results are not recognized by the target users; The lack of general and effective methods in concrete implementation leads to the limitation of the results,which results in the lack of universal practical cases and difficulty in forming recognized typical cases.To solve these problems,it is necessary to restrict the concept boundary of digital twin and extend the boundary of digital twin method,so as to form a new boundary of digital twin,promote the formation of consensus,increase implementation methods and promote its better development. 河北科技大学学报 2021年 第2期 刘〓青,等:数字孪生的新边界 Conceptually,physical entity is a collection of materials with various properties,which is characterized by complexity,authenticity and immediacy,and can dynamically evolve with the change of external conditions according to objective laws.In the study of mapping physical entities to digital twins,it is easy to expand the scope of concept to include simulation (the simulation of dynamic evolution process),data (external conditions),and even physical entities (objects).As a result,the concept of digital twin will lose its core and it is difficult to from a consensus.In terms of methods,based on the detailed investigation and analysis of related applications in multi-scenarios,the existing research on digital twin often goes beyond the perception process of physical entities,and directly relies on the models or modelconstruction methods in the original professional fields.While this method has made some progress,its limitations have already been revealed.Firstly,the existing models are mostly focused on subdivision fields,which can not be used universally among fields.Secondly,there are few existing models that reflect the characteristics of high fidelity,multi-scale and multi-physical fields of the digital twin model,and even less information flow corresponding to the whole life cycle.Direct application can not guarantee the effective realization of digital twin; Thirdly,entering the modeling process directly from the height of existing cognition may cause huge costs.For example,the ADT program,a world recognized typical case of US military,was constructed in ten years and with huge investment in manpower and material resources,which further hinders the industry from entering the practice of digital twin.In order to meet these challenges,in terms of conceptual boundary,this paper proposed that the digital twin should return to the essence of its digital model,and effectively restrict the model as the center,so as to promote the understanding of all parties involved in production,teaching and research to reach an agreement.As for the extension of method boundary,this paper put forward a multi-sensory oriented digital twin model construction method,that is,according to the general process of human understanding of the physical world,firstly obtained perceptual knowledge of features through various perception methods,and then further formed rational knowledge through various cognitive processes,from shallow to deep,from easy to difficult,from simple to complex.At first,the digital twin initial model of physical entity was established by multi-sensory methods,such as visual perception,auditory perception,tactile perception and dynamic perception,gustatory/taste perception,and combination with control data reflecting the change of conditions,thus focusing on the complexity and authenticity of physical entity at the beginning of the model establishment,fully embodying the characteristics of the digital twin model,and effectively enhancing the practicability and universality of the model. Then,the initial model was gradually matched with the existing cognitive knowledge framework,and the control data returned from the physical entity was used for continuous iteration.In this way,information of various property changes,real-time/near-real-time reactions,various objective laws and behavioral logic affecting the physical entity under specific external conditions can be gradually added to the digital twin model according to the actual needs of the research field,thus effectively controled the scale and cost of the model and gradually realized the information flow in the whole life cycle. Third,the optimized digital twin model was further used in theoretical and practical research,such as simulation,planning,optimization,decision-making,etc.,so as to promote the development of various studies.The application prospect of the multi-sensory oriented digital twin model in computer image scanning,cultural heritage protection,medical treatment,education and some special fields was prospected.

    • Threat intelligence technology in network security situation awareness

      2021, 42(2):195-204. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2021yx02012

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      Abstract:General Secretary XI Jinping gave instructions at the symposium on cybersecurity and informatization in 2016: Strengthen the mining and analysis of big data,make better situation awareness and prevent risks in cybersecurity.In response to the call of national policies,many large industries and enterprises actively advocated,built and applied situation awareness systems to deal with the severe challenges faced by network security.Network security situation awareness is an effective means to ensure network security.It has become the focus of network security research to use situation awareness to discover potential threats and respond.At present,most of the proposed network security situation awareness technologies and methods are based on small-scale networks.With the continuous expansion of network scale and appearance of new advanced attack technologies such as APT,the accuracy of current situation awareness technology and the maneuverability reduced greatly.In recent years,the emergence of threat intelligence has brought new ideas to the research of situation awareness and become a new direction in the field of situation awareness.This paper mainly summarized the traditional situation awareness research and the application of threat intelligence in network security situation awareness.The traditional situation awareness research was generally divided into three parts,namely,situation perception,situation comprehension and situation projection.The process of network security situation awareness was to collect the security elements of the target system,and analyze the impact of security incidents.Finally,by using network security situation awareness,it can be realized the behavior recognition of various activities,attacks detection,evaluation and prediction of the network situation,so as to provide correct decisions for the network security response.The application of threat intelligence in network security situation awareness was discussed from three scenarios: 1) Situation perception: threat intelligence was used to identify attack behaviors,extract relevant attack characteristics and determine attack intentions,methods,and impact; 2) Situation comprehension: after determining the attack behavior and characteristics,the attack behavior was understood and the attacker's attack strategy was determined by sharing the disposition of the attack behavior in the threat intelligence; 3) Situation projection: by analyzing threat intelligence information such as attack events,attack techniques,and vulnerabilities,the risk faced by the current system was evaluated,and the possible attack was predicted.Threat intelligence is usually obtained by big data,distributed systems or other methods,and it has a strong ability to update autonomously.Threat intelligence can provide the most complete and latest security event data,which greatly improves the ability to detect new and advanced dangers in network security situation awareness.And by using the sharing mechanism in the threat intelligence,security stuff can understand the threat environment of their organization,such as attackers,tactical techniques used by them and defense strategies,which can helpenterprises understand the security threats they are facing or will be faced in the future.Threat intelligence can improve the accuracy and efficiency of situation awareness analysis,as well as the ability to respond to security incidents.

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