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    • >Special Column: National Young Scholar/Local Science Foundation
    • Design of friction wear property information acquisition system of automobile brake disk based on LabVIEW

      2014, 35(5):403-409. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05001

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      Abstract:Excellent brake performance is the necessary condition to securely driving, and the friction wear property of brake disk serves a significant function in brake system. In order to acquire the parameters (normal force, friction force, rotate speed and temperature) which are used to characterize friction wear properties of brake disk, friction wear property information acquisition system based on virtual instrument technology LabVIEW is designed. Hardware of this system mainly consists of sensors utilized as acquiring information on friction wear property, as well as signal conditioning module and data acquisition card used as A/D transformation. Under the circumstance of virtual instrument LabVIEW, information acquisition and processing interface and former information query interface are programmed. Debugging results present that the designed information acquisition system can accurately acquire the demanded information, intuitively display the obtained information, and easily achieve the query of former information. Therefore, the designed data acquisition system satisfies the demand of information acquisition related to friction wear property of brake disk.

    • Study of abnormal sound localization method in automobile brake based on frequency-domain blind signal processing

      2014, 35(5):410-416. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05002

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      Abstract:Vehicle foundation brake will produce severe vibration and noise during braking, influencing occupant comfort and reducing the life of automotive components. Meanwhile, the sharp brake noise (screaming) seriously interferes with people's normal life. Thus, the governance of abnormal brake sound is very important. In this paper, the generation mechanism, features and influencing factors of brake were summarized. The theory and research progress on brake noise suppression and prevention were reviewed and analyzed. For the outstanding problems of traditional vehicle abnormal brake sound detection, such as lacking of detection and analysis methods, inconvenience of data processing and poor flexibility, an abnormal brake sound localization method based on frequency-domain blind signal processing was proposed. Key technologies were introduced in details, such as noise suppression during road test based on dynamic particle swarm optimization morphological filtering, using unit fixed-point algorithms based on kurtosis maximization to separate and extraction complex components and solving permutation indeterminacy based on improved KL-distance. Finally, an actual brake failure acoustic signal extraction proved the effectiveness and reliability of this method.

    • Design and kinematics solution of 6-DOF assembly manipulator

      2014, 35(5):417-427. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05003

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      Abstract:The joint based manipulator has received growing attention by designers and users owing to its wider tasking area, flexibility of movement and compact construction features. Considering the application of automatic assembly line, the required functions of manipulator are selected. Firstly, the overall designing scheme of the assembly manipulator is given, and the overall scheme includes the main components of assembly manipulator and allcation degrees of freedom. The jib length of industrial manipulator and the angle rang of each joint are determined. And then, the specific structure of 6-DOF manipulator is designed, modeled and virtually assemblied. Meanwhile, the strength of some key parts is also checked.Finally, the kinematic model of the 6-DOF manipulator is established. Each joint motion model coordinate is established by using D-H parameter, and D-H parameters of each joint are determined. The kinematics normal and inverse solutions of the assembly manipulator are calculated and checked by using Matlab, and the results show that the established model is reasonable and correct. The design philosophy has some reference and application value for designing the joint industrial manipulator.

    • >Automation Technology
    • Global stabilization control of underactuated horizontal two-link flexible manipulator

      2014, 35(5):428-434. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05004

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      Abstract:This paper presents a new control strategy for an underactuated horizontal two-link flexible manipulator (HTFM) to realize the global stabilization. First, a homeomorphous coordinate transformation is introduced to the original manipulator system to create a new simple nonlinear system. Then, the new system is divided into the linear and nonlinear parts, and the idea of equivalent-input-disturbance (EID) is used to design a controller that globally and asymptotically stabilizes the new system as goal. The global stabilization control problem for the underactuated HTFM is soloved by the fact that the transformation is homeomorphous. The presented control method just adopts the position information of HTFM to design the stabilizing controller, which can not only reduce the cost of the control system, but also avoid the influence of velocity noises on the control performance effectively. The simulation results show that the stabilizing motion process, stabilizing time and other performances of the underactuated HTFM can achieve satisfactory results.

    • Design of train lateral semi-active suspension control system based on minimum variance control

      2014, 35(5):435-439. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05005

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      Abstract:In order to improve the stability of train at high speed running state and enhance the ride comfort, this paper carried out the simulation and analysis of the semi-active suspension control system by using the minimum variance control algorithm, and presents the design scheme of the semi-active suspension control system of high-speed trains based on the minimum variance control. The simulation platform was built by Matlab-Simulink. The simulation results show a considerable improvement of lateral vibration, as compared with the traditional passive suspension mode.

    • A GJK-based fast continuous collision detection for convex objects

      2014, 35(5):440-446. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05006

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      Abstract:This paper presents a fast continuous collision detection algorithm to dealing with moving multiple convex objects within a period of time, which is based on the Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi algorithm. The algorithm is determined by whether the minimum distance between the two objects within a period of time is zero to detect the occurrence of a collision. First, the algorithm utilizes GJK algorithm to calculate the minimum distance between the two objects and to detect the collision in finite steps. If two objects collide, then, determine the precise collision position of two objects based on the ray-casting algorithm, and respond according to the environmental requirements, adjust two objects' location. The simulation results show that this algorithm has high real-time and accurate characteristics for continuous collision detection between multiple moving objects.

    • Design of three-wheeled pipeline robot with autonomous obstacle avoidance

      2014, 35(5):447-453. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05007

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      Abstract:As an effective detection equipment, pipeline robot can do detection work in the narrow place beyond human reach. Wheeled robot has advantages such as simple structure, continually stable movement, high speed and high reliability, so three-wheeled pipeline robot is designed based on STC series single-chip microcomputer. Infrared sensor is applied to implement effective obstacle avoidance function; angle sensor module ensures that the robot can move on the bottom of pipe smoothly; using pulse width modulation technology to drive DC motor, and the robot movement can be controlled by changing the duty ratios. With the features of small volume, convenience and being easily-clipped, the designed robot can complete the pipe detection, data collection and other functions.

    • >Chemistry and Chemical Industry
    • New methods of instant gelation stimulated by water at room temperature and test research

      2014, 35(5):454-459. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05008

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      Abstract:A new kind of hydro-gelator antipyrine-cyclohexane carbonyl ester (substance 1) was introduced, which could gel in water at room temperature. The addition of a certain amount of water into the solution of 1 in alcohols could induce instant and in situ gelation. The organogelator combining antipyrine and methylcyclohexyl groups were obtained via organic synthesis method. The gelation properties were characterized by IR, XRD, SEM and TEM. The study shows that the compound 1 assembles into 0D vesicle with the lower content of water, while with the higher concentration, it aggregates into irregular 2D sheet structure, and gels the mixed solvents.

    • Analysis on the transformation and conversion of chlorine element in Chaidamu circular economy pilot area

      2014, 35(5):460-465. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05009

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      Abstract:Most salt lakes of Chaidamu circular economy pilot area in Qinghai Province are chloride-type lakes, and many chlorine-contained by-products will be formed during the developing process. How to utilize and transform these by-products has an important significance for the chlorine balance in industry chain of salt lake area. The industrial metabolism process of chlorine element is analyzed from the main planed products in Chaidamu circular economy pilot area master plan. Two main problems that affect the utilization of chlorine element are chlorine element balance and potential pollution to the salt lake caused by calcium chloride. Three transforming and converting approaches are put forward, which are immobilization process that converts chlorine to solid products, transformation process that transforms chlorine to organic products and clean storage of calcium chlorine. If the above approaches can be put into practice, the balance of chlorine element will be achieved in the pilot area.

    • >Architecture and Textile Science
    • Study of brace design method for the zipper frames of zipper struts

      2014, 35(5):466-472. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05010

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      Abstract:In order to investigate whether the compression reduction factor ψ under cyclic load is needed in the brace design of zipper frames, numerical models, in which the braces are respectively designed with and without considering the reduction factor ψ, are designed according to the design method of suspended zipper frames. Some indexes, including the natural periods, steel consumption and dynamic response under frequent and rare earthquakes, are analyzed and compared. The results show that the dynamic responses of the two struts are similar to each other and both of them can meet the requirement of "no-damage under frequent earthquake" and "no-collapse under rare earthquake" required by the GB 50011 code. Because the steel consumption in the zipper frames design without considering the reduction factor ψ under cyclic loading is less, and comprehensive anti-seismic property is better, it is recommended not considering the reduction factor ψ in the frame design under the condition. It is also pointed out that the design method of the zipper struts is conservative and a more reasonable design method of zipper struts needs to be put forward.

    • Automatic density measurement of yarn dyed woven fabrics based on dual-side scanning

      2014, 35(5):473-479. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05011

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      Abstract:Automatic density measurement of yarn dyed woven fabrics was discussed. The dual-side images were captured using the lab-used dual-side image acquisition system. Radon transform and affine transform were utilized to align and match the dual-side images. The dual-side images were fused based on two kinds of image fusion methods, and the frequency points corresponding to the periodical structure could be extracted with the aid of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) technique. Meanwhile, the reconstructed images could be obtained based on inverse Fast Fourier Transform (IFFT) technique, and the yarn density could be measured. The power spectrums of one-side image and dual-side fused image were analyzed. It is found that the texture of one-side image is not continuously connected and the frequency spectrum is scattered. However, the spectrum energy of fuses image focused on the horizontal or vertical direction so that the corresponding frequency points could be easily extracted. The test result shows that the maximum deviation between our method and the density meter based method is 1.96%, and the average deviation is 0.86%. It is considered that the method could improve the accuracy of density measurement of yarn dyed woven fabrics.

    • >Environmental Science
    • Advance in the application of luminescent bacteria on detecting acute toxicity of water

      2014, 35(5):480-486. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05012

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      Abstract:The simple, useful, rapid, reproducibility and inexpensive luminescent bacteria toxicity test had become the preferred method for acute toxicity testing of water quality. Detection principle of luminescent bacteria toxicity test, common types of luminescent bacteria, and advances in detection technology of luminescent bacteria toxicity test were introduced in this paper. In addition, acute toxicity testing of water quality research status for industrial wastewater, municipal wastewater, drinking water and surface water, and its applications in the monitoring of water pollution rapid response in emergencies of luminescent bacteria toxicity test were also reviewed.The results show that a convenient,rapid and stable online acute water toxicity testing methods and equipments for water quality monitoring,which are developed by full using of the advantages of luminescent bacteria,will be a research focus of luminescent bacteria toxicity test in the future.

    • Analysis and evaluation on assessment index system of agriculturesustainable development

      2014, 35(5):487-496. DOI: 10.7535/hbkd.2014yx05013

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      Abstract:Assessment index system is considered to be a useful evaluation tool and technical system guidance for sustainable agricultural development. The general procedures and methodologies for the establishing of assessment index system were elucidated based on widely literature reviews, and a present situation analysis of the framework building, research level along with the index selection and empirical evaluation of the system at home and aboard were conducted comprehensively. In term of framework building, the hierarchical structure were adopted by most of existing domestic methods in accordance with the methods abroad. As to the research level, many fields involving region, crop, as well as farm and farmer were involved in the researches abroad, whereas attentions were paid to the regional level in Chinese, simply. Thereafter, in regard to index selection, the researches abroad focused on the eco-index such as balance of nitrogen and phosphorus and risk of pesticides among economics, social and ecological index (e.g., agricultural output, irrigation water as well as application of pesticide and fertilizer) which were attached equal importance in our Country. In the case of empirical evaluation, researches were carried out on the objectives of both the policies and farming practices guidance abroad, which was different from the domestic researches concentrated on the aspect of policies guidance.

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